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Shahpura, town, southeast-central Rajasthan state, northwestern India. It lies in an upland plain about 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Bhilwara.

The old walled town was founded about 1629 and was named for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahān, who reigned from 1628 to 1658. Shahpura was the seat of the Ramsanehi (“Lovers of Rama”), a medieval sect of Hindu mendicants, and was the capital of the princely state of Shahpura. The princely state became part of the state of Rajasthan in 1949.

Shahpura is a major road junction and agricultural mart. Its industries include cotton ginning, handicraft cloth weaving and dyeing, and lacquered woodwork manufacture. The town has a college affiliated with the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur. Pop. (2001) 28,174; (2011) 33,895.

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