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Mahesana, also spelled Mehsana, city, northeastern Gujarat state, west-central India. It lies in the lowlands between the Aravalli Range and the Little Rann of Kachchh (Kutch).

Mahesana was developed throughout the 12th–14th century by the Chavada Rajputs. The old town is believed to have had four gates, of which only one remains. Rajmahal—a palace built by the last Gaekwar (Maratha) ruler of Baroda (now Vadodara), Sayaji Rao (Sayajirao) III—is an imposing structure. The city is a centre of trade and manufacturing and is a major junction of rail lines and several highways. The collection and export of spices is an important source of revenue. A temple to the Hindu sun god Surya is located at Modhera, about 9 miles (15 km) west of Mahesana. Pop. (2001) 99,880; (2011) 184,991.

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