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Dhanbad, city, eastern Jharkhand state, northeastern India. It lies in the Damodar River valley near the Jharia coalfield and is an important agricultural trade centre.

Dhanbad is a major junction point for roads and rail lines in the region. The Indian School of Mines, affiliated with the University of Bihar, and the Central Fuel Research Institute are located there. The Damodar River, which crosses from east to west the region in which Dhanbad is sited, is flanked by irrigation tanks and fields of rice, corn (maize), and oilseeds. Jharia and other nearby coalfields have helped make the region Indiaโ€™s leading coal producer. Industries in and around the city include coal washing, the production of coke, and thermal electric power generation.

In 2006 Dhanbad was reconstituted administratively when it annexed a large number of adjacent towns and villages. One result of the reorganization was that it became the most populous city in the state. Area city, 137 square miles (355 square km). Pop. (2001) city, 199,258; urban agglom., 1,065,327; (2011) city, 1,162,472; urban agglom., 1,196,214.

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