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Baharampur, also spelled Berhampur or Berhampore, city, central West Bengal state, northeastern India. It lies on the east bank of the Bhagirathi River, about 80 miles (130 km) north of Kolkata (Calcutta).

Baharampur was founded and fortified in 1757 by the British East India Company and continued as a cantonment (military installation) until 1870. In February 1957 it was the scene of the first overt act of defiance by sepoys (Indian troops employed by the British) that led to the Indian Mutiny (1857–58). It was constituted a municipality in 1876.

The city has major rail and road connections and is an important agricultural trade centre. Silk weaving, rice and oilseed milling, ivory carving, and gold, silver, and brass working are important industries. Baharampur is the site of a hospital, the Bengal Silk Technological Institute, and several colleges affiliated with the University of Kalyani in Kalyani (north of Kolkata). Cossimbazar (Kasimbazar), now an industrial suburb, was an important town in the 18th century with a flourishing silk industry; it contains the palace of the maharaja of Cossimbazar. Nearby is a large thermal power-generating plant. Pop. (2001) 160,143; (2011) 195,223.

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